Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Splendour of the Grass"

ANDY: Ugh. Same ol' grass!

AJAY: Oh-oh. Does he look "bored" to you back there?

ANDY: Say…what have we here?

AJAY: Crap. Not again.

ANDY: I smell an exotic, alfalfa-based bouquet, plus other herbs and spices…is that cumin?

AJAY: He does this every time time it's the first time.

AJAY: Dude! Can't you just enjoy the grass?

ANDY: I Have an idea! He'll come around. I'll just tickle his "fancy" with my whiskers.

AJAY: No way, man. No how. No. Nope. Nada. Uh-uh.

ANDY: Pretty please? I'll pout 'til you do…

AJAY: (sigh) So…he's wearing me down a little.


ANDY: Don't be mad. Someone will be a long soon, and give us food.

AJAY: I told you, I don't like begging.

ANDY: Are YOU going to give us food?

AJAY: It's not going to work.


ANDY: Y'know, when I was back there, sniffing your arse, I thought of the name of a restaurant we could endorse.

AJAY: Okay, what's it called?

ANDY: The Black Anus.

AJAY: Yeah? Why not Pooplantation?

ANDY: Oh, just shut up, and enjoy the splendour of the grass.

AJAY: Buttpuckers?

ANDY: Enough.

AJAY: O-Ring Garden?

ANDY: Silence.

AJAY: Cave and Butthole's?

ANDY: It wasn't funny the first time...

AJAY: Chuff E. Wheeze?

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